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Bearwood Physiot​herapy

Get Better with Bearwood - For Every Body that Moves!

Pregnancy-related Pain

Expectant mother? Bringing new life into the world is a joy but it can be physically demanding on your body. Our treatments below are targeted to tackle those aches and pains whilst being pregnancy-safe and tailored to your trimesters

Pregnancy-related Pelvic Girdle Pain/Syndrome

4 out 5 women suffer from pelvic pain  during pregnancy. These strategies to help you cope throughout the rest of your pregnancy

Exercise Therapy

Keen to stay active and stay strong for labour? It's so important and our exercise plans are tailored to you and your stage of pregnancy


A mix of soft tissue therapies to keep your muscles relaxed and help achy joints at any stage of your pregnancy

Low Back Pain

Our backs can get really tight in pregnancy as our posture changes to make room for baby. Our mix of therapies helps to relax your back


If hands-on therapies aren't for you, have you considered acupuncture to help relieve your tired muscles and help you feel relaxed and rested

Diastasis Recti 

Post-natal and suffering with separated stomach muscles? Targeted therapy to bring this back together and get your core activated again