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Bearwood Physiot​herapy

Get Better with Bearwood - For Every Body that Moves!

Spinal Problems

Bad back? Niggling neck pain? 

Have you been diagnosed with a spinal injury, disc bulge or mechanical issue?

Whether it's a one-off, something new that's not settling or a pain that keeps coming back, check out the treatments below specifically targeted for spinal problems


Variety of soft tissue therapies to help your muscles relax, improve movement and reduce pain 


Targeted on your connective tissues and pain mechanisms to relax your muscles and ease your pain

Myofascial Release

A gentle soft tissue therapy to work on fascia and connective tissue with long-lasting effect

Trigger Pointing

More intense than other soft tissue therapies, working on key points for a large muscle relaxation response

Posture Correction

Our posture check and techniques to help you improve your posture for good


Releases stiff joints or vertebrae to help you move more easily, relieving pain and muscle tension

Spine Education

Learn about what's causing your back pain, how to prevent future problems and learn self-help techniques 


Rigid or Kinesiology Tape to help with postural awareness and protect your back