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Bearwood Physiot​herapy

Get Better with Bearwood - For Every Body that Moves!

Sports Rehab

Sports-related injury or undergone surgery?

Getting back to sports requires specific training and therapies to maximise your recovery

Sports Massage

A mixture of soft tissue therapies to help improve recovery, aid circulation and relax muscles 

Trigger Point Therapy 

Targeted manual therapy on key points throughout a muscles to improve muscle function and movement


Kinesiology taping to give you the flexibility to keep moving whilst improve muscle activation and proprioception 

Post-Operative Protcol

Undergone surgery for a sports-related injury such as ACL? We'll guide you through the process, getting you back on track quickly

Sports-Specific Training

Each sport has a specific training regime, establish a plan that gets you back to training sessions, competing or working on getting fitter 


Want to boost your healing? Improve your connective tissue and flexibility? Try acupuncture to target this for longer lasting effects